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Fraze was born out of frustration – frustration that we could not find one single item of classic car clothing that came anywhere close to reflecting our personal standards of quality. When you love classic cars and bikes as much as we do, this frustration is entirely understandable. Our cars are so much more to us than a generic, straight-out-of-the-showroom modern car. Our classic cars reflect our personalities, our values and our personal histories. They are a passion, not a commodity – an experience like no other that fills us with nostalgia. We understand the technology that makes them perform so beautifully and we have a sense of their historical value. When you drive your classic car or ride your stunning motorbike, you turn heads. The experience is one of a sense of pride. You are the curators of history, and we bring that pride to you in our merchandise, which is:

Every item of merchandise you receive is a reflection of the premium standard you deserve. Fraze Classic Automotive Designs will bring your passion for cars and distinctive, quality merchandise together for the first time.

Our Ethos

Underpinning everything we do is our commitment to you. We ensure that every element of every product is designed and produced with the quality you deserve. We have chosen business partners, whose respect for people and the planet has enabled them to integrate sustainability with high-quality materials and production processes.

The Driving Force Behind Our Business

Robin’s passion for cars started at a very young age. The noise, the speed, the potential and the promise of freedom were intoxicating. The visceral excitement of discovering new technologies and pushing the human body to the limit has always been an inspiration. Each new, ground-breaking performance car was a masterpiece. He remembers with fondness the iconic MK1 3000E 1972 Ford Capri with a 0 – 60 mph time of 8.4 seconds and a top speed of 113 mph.  At that time, this was mind-blowing. Think about your own particular favourite and re-live the feelings it inspires in you – the visual appeal, the pleasure of the drive, the feel of the tyres on the road and the sound of the engine revving in response to your touch. Hypnotic, isn’t it?

Racing Life

Robin was lucky enough to experience a successful motor racing career in the 1980s: a raw experience, battling a potentially deadly machine around a track at high speed – the sense of becoming one with the car, and feeling each bump and turn and responding appropriately.

Further Adventures

Not satisfied with simply defying the limits of endurance on the race track, Robin climbed the Southwest face of Mount Everest (the hardest route) together with a team of like-minded adventurers in Oct 1994, reaching a height of 27,600 feet above sea level. He then set his sights on driving to the North Pole and, sponsored by Suzuki, did so in January 1995. His current classic car is his favoured Talbot Sunbeam Lotus, a replacement for his first Sunbeam purchased  in 1981. This new acquisition has been lovingly restored and a few more classics are on the horizon!

Exquisitely Drawn Images for Immediate Appeal

Peter works hand-in-glove with Robin, meticulously designing our stunning product images, and liaising closely on the technical details so the images are just right. Born in Brighton, a town well-known for its creative and artistic atmosphere, Peter has been a professional artist and illustrator for 25 years. He also has a lifelong passion for cars and motorbikes and has been drawing them since childhood.

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